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  1. Hi and thank you so much for this! Pine tar soap is so insanely expensive for what you get but I love what it does for my skin. Thank you for this technique because you just put it in the realm of affordability for me 🙂

    • So welcome! Liquid soap is so much more affordable to make (I think). I make pine tar liquid soap for friends who love it and find it helpful for their skin too.

  2. I don’t know if it’s just my system or what. Beginning at last sentence or two in step four through the end is blocked out. I cannot read it. Can you please tell me what it says. I know there’s a step 5 but I don’t know what to do.

  3. Would it be possible for you to fix the end of this article or email me the step by step. The end of step four through the end of the article is written on top of each other

    • I can send it to you. I am not sure why it does that.. I have fixed it (or tried to) many times and I’m not sure what the computer throws in there to make it do that. I’ll email you! 🙂

      • I cannot read the last part either. I am so excited to try your recipe, my husband NEEDS this soap and will be so much easier if I can make it myself. Thank you for this info…

        • Brenda: I have adjusted it. Let me know if you can read it. I’m not sure what happened. I am so sorry!

  4. for some reason it is now 24 hours and it gives me the zap taste still I followed all measurements is this normal it is thickening and looking just like your pictures I’m not yet at your end picture.

    • Hi Jade, did you use the same recipe I had – and if not, did you happen to make any adjustments? Sometimes, adjusting or subbing an oil will require you to re-run it through the lye calculator. I have had instances (in the past) where my scale wasn’t accurate and I used too much lye… only for it to zap me later on. Pine Tar soap usually thickens very quick and most of the time you will have the ability to remove it from the mold within 12-16 hours. Perhaps give it a little more time (another day) and then let me know how it looks so I can help troubleshoot it with you. Pine Tar is my favorite soap.

  5. HI:
    Could you send me the liquid pine tar recipe. Bottom on this page is messed up.
    Thank you Very much.

    • Richard – I have adjusted it. Let me know if you can read it. I’m not sure what happened. I am so sorry!

  6. Hi could you send me a copy of your liquid pine tar soap?
    Not able to read the last part online.

  7. Hi. Your recipe sounds good, we tried it out but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out. We can’t read beyond step four of the recipe, can you please post in the comments what the last few steps of the recipe are? Thanks very much appreciate your website!

    • Chelsea – I have adjusted it. Let me know if you can read it. I’m not sure what happened. I am so sorry!

  8. It must have stayed fixed this time. I’m not having a problem. My question is – is there any alternative to the taste test? I’m just really not wanting to do that. {YECH!}

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