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Learn how to make Pinon Pine Resin Salve as a wonderful addition to your first aid kit for topical skin support, pain relief, and respiratory congestion. 
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Pine Resin Salve

Learn how to make your own Pinon Pine Resin Salve as a treatment for skin support, chest congestion, and muscular aches and pains.
Author Sheryl


  • 1/4 C pine sap resin
  • 1/2 C oil choose from olive, almond, rice bran or grapeseed
  • 1/2 - 1 oz beeswax pellets


  • Add the pine resin to your oil in a double broiler.
  • Heat on low heat until the resin melts inside the oil.
  • Stir the mixture well to combine; then strain the mixture through a fine cheesecloth or a coffee filter/strainer.
  • Add the beeswax; heat on low until the mixture has combined.
  • Pour into tins or small jars (.5 oz, 1 or 2 oz) and store in a cool place.


Incorporate more staying power in this salve by using herbal infused oil - anything from calendula to comfrey, yarrow, arnica, creosote or even plantain. Using herbal infused oils will support the body's wound healing process even more.