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Grape Sourdough Starter Recipe

Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Keyword grapes
Author Rebooted Mom


  • 1 C red grapes washed and sliced
  • 2 C all purpose unbleached flour
  • 2 C water non-chlorinated


  • Grab a few handfuls of grapes, give them a rinse  in water and remove from the stems.  Slice the grapes in half and put them in a large jar. 
  • To the sliced grapes in the jar, add equal  parts unbleached white flour and room temperature water. Give it a good stir with a wood spoon. Then cover the container and allow to sit for three days at room temperature.
  • After three days, pluck out the grapes using a wood spoon. Discard half the mixture.
  • Then feed the remainder left in the jar with equal parts water and flour  (1  C flour and 1 C water). Stir well, until the mixture is thoroughly combined, then cover the container.
  • Let that starter sit for another 24 hours and it should be ready to use.


  • If  you  are using the starter regularly (every week or every few days), then discard half and feed with equal parts flour and water each day. Depending on how much you bake, you may need to feed it twice each day.
  • If you are making sourdough bread, you will need to feed your starter 4-5 hours before using t he starter. (For example  - if you want to make bread at 12 p.m., then feed your starter at 8 a.m.)  After using your starter for  bread,  make sure you feed your starter again. 
  • Store your starter at room temperature if you are using  it regularly. However, if you are using the starter to make bread once a month, keep it in the fridge (covered). Then return it to room temperature the  night before you wish to use it, taking care to feed it 4 hours before you plan to start making bread.